Professional service.
Compassionate approach.

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As caregivers, we base all our decisions on the needs of our individuals. Our years of experience have earned us the trust of parents, guardians, Support Coordinators and the community. 
Most importantly, our caring approach has earned us the trust of those we serve everyday. We will continue to earn that trust every day. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to assisting you in your placement needs.

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The individuals and families that we serve continue to rely on us for one reason: trust in us and the care we provide. We take that trust very seriously, and we work hard every day to provide our individuals with the best care possible in a professional and compassionate environment.


Maurizi Support Services has been serving families in Missouri for over 25 years. We currently have over 20 homes in the area, serving a diverse group of individuals. Our approach to serving our individuals is simple. We provide professional services with well-qualified and well-trained staff while constantly keeping the needs and desires of the individual at the forefront of everything we do. We do all this in well-maintained, well-staffed houses designed to provide each individual a comfortable place to call home.

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Professional Services

Home and Work

We offer a wide range of services for individuals with disabilities and their families. We serve a variety of people, from individuals who need minimal home and work support to ones who require medically-involved care such as tracheostomies, feeding tubes and ventilators, as well as individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We provide 24-hour care based on the individual needs of our individuals. Our well-trained and experienced staff includes licensed nurses. Some of our individuals take advantage of in-home OT services and Aquatic Therapy provided by a licensed Occupational Therapist. All of our support staff complete required training, including yearly follow-up training, to ensure we are providing the best care possible.


With a Psychiatrist, RN and LPN on staff, Maurizi ISL is more than capable of providing the medical care our individuals needs.


Maurizi ISL Home has multiple Occupational Therapists on contract to facility the needs of our individuals. We love to see the improvement made on a daily basis.


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Maurizi Group/ISL Homes is committed to assisting persons with medical, mental and/or developmental special needs to successfully live within the community in with they reside and to helping them to realize their full potential while promoting the independence of and respect for the individual in a safe, dignified and caring environment.


Maurizi Group/ISL Homes exists solely to serve people with special needs. Maurizi Group/ISL Homes will provide a safe, nurturing and respectful environment within the community for these persons to live their lives to the fullest, to realize their dreams and to achieve their full potential as a unique individual.


Utilizing a person-centered approach, Maurizi Group/ISL Homes will strive to individualize services based upon a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s overall situation; their needs, their likes, wants, hopes and goals as well as a review of available appropriate community support resources. Specifically, Maurizi Group/ISL Homes will;

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of the individual's current situation including primary and secondary medical and behavioral diagnoses, immediate needs, personal desires and long term goals. When appropriate, prior caregiver information will be actively solicited

  • Inventory of available appropriate community support resources and facilitate access to these services by the individual based upon the individual’s choice.

  • When appropriate, pursue active engagement of individual's family and other significant others in supporting the individual within the overall care plan development and implementation.

  • Ensure continual caring yet objective reassessment of individual’s wellbeing, progress and satisfaction and to provide prompt redress of care and services to meet changing needs of the individual.

  • Be an active advocate and facilitator on behalf of the individual regarding benefits, social services, healthcare and other community support entities.

  • Provide a comfortable and fulfilling yet safe and nurturing environment for the individual to be able to thrive within the community setting taking into account their uniqueness.

  • Always seek to promote and protect the independence, dignity and welfare of the person served by Maurizi Group/ISL Homes.

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